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Forbidden Shiggy Enamel Pin - Nudey Collection
Forbidden Shiggy Enamel Pin - Nudey Collection

Sugarries Art

Forbidden Shiggy Enamel Pin - Nudey Collection

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Shiggy did a trust fall and was not disappointed :D!

I am so excited to be collabing with Turtlelaza on this super Nudey Pin Collection :3! well tastefully nudey!



Size: 4 inch

Finishes: Black Nickel Plating with Hard enamel fill. Petals are sandblasted with epoxy fill.

Pinbacks: 3 pink rubber backers


Size: 4 inch

Finishes: Gold Plating with Hard enamel fill. Petals are sandblasted with epoxy fill.

Pinbacks: 3 black rubber backers


Enamel pins are a handmade product and as such flaws can happen. Little inconsistencies such as tiny bubbles, bumps, scratches, in-correct or missing fill can occur. 1st - Near to Perfect with minimal to no flaws. 2nds - Obvious flaws but not a hindrance to use.


These enamel pins and designs are purely fanart. I in no way claim ownership of any intellectual property that these products may take inspiration from. These products are not official merch or claim to be official merch of any intellectual property.