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Cool Boy Loki Poki Shiba Inu Hard Enamel Pin

Cool Boy Loki Poki Shiba Inu Hard Enamel Pin

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Loki Poki Cool Doggo Pin

If you despise cheesy musical numbers skip to the (HERE) Marker.... .....He's a coooOOoooOOool Puppy! a CoooOOooOOool Puppy! If hes good enough he can get all the treats that he wants wooooOOoohoooh! If It takes forever then he'll waittt forever! No ordinary popi no ordinary popi gonna dooo! I want a puppy thats gooood!! (Courtesy of Grease 2)...ok im done :3. ( HERE )This pin is inspired by my good boy loki poki dunn the shiba inu~ he is our puppy and he is good


Pin Size : 1.25inches or 31.75 mm-

Gold Plating

Store name Backstamp Comes with Metal Pin Clasp

--------------------------~ PIN GRADES ~---------------------------

Enamel pins are a handmade product and as such flaws can happen. Little inconsistencies such as tiny bubbles, bumps, scratches, in-correct or missing fill can occur. 1st - Near to Perfect with minimal to no flaws. 2nds - Obvious flaws but not a hindrance to use.  

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